Summer Community Health Expo 


Connecting Health with Gospel

As Medical Missionaries and Literature Evangelists, we meet hundreds of people every day from just as many different walks of life. Most of these people have become lost in the sorrows of this dark and fallen world, with little hope for a future full of love and happiness. They are searching for any glimmering hope of a better life that they can find, but many remain in despair as nothing they find brings any lasting comfort or hope. 

Our job as Adventist literature evangelists is to bring them with great news of hope and encouragement, the very hope and love we find in Christ, and in the Gospel. We do this great work primarily by the distribution of literature. Currently, we are delivering titles such as ‘The Great Controversy,’ ‘Desire of Ages,’ Christ’s Object Lessons,’ and ‘Steps To Christ’, as well as The Bible Stories for children and some titles in Spanish. Starting this year, we have incorporated the combination of the Adventist health message and spiritual health set into this work through medical literature provided by doctors from Loma Linda University. Dr. Hans Diehl’s Complete Health Improvement Program, also known as CHIP, has been putting on health programs in Loma Linda and various areas. These programs help people to address the effects of lifestyle-related diseases such as diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity and depression, as well as many others. These programs do life-changing work by reversing and preventing these diseases, but their high cost keeps them out of reach to those with significantly less financial means. There are many people we meet every day who yearn for these materials, but they lack the funds to purchase them. Our duty as Seventh-day Adventist Christians is not only to circulate our health message and literature in the church, but also outside of the church. God has given us the duty of spreading these materials to all parts of the world and revolutionize this work.

One of the greatest issues in our society today is poverty. Millions of families here in America are living well-below the poverty line, and are struggling to pay for basic needs such as food, water, housing, and healthcare, let alone extra expenses such as movies, restaurants, and books. So many of the people that we meet are yearning for knowledge of God, and express genuine and profound interest in our literature, but simply cannot afford to purchase them. It is with much sadness that we carry away so many seeds of truth back with us, unsown in the souls of thousands, simply because they could not be paid for.

The Seventh-day Adventist Church is at a crossroads with history. We are at the very foothills of the end of times, and there is still much work to be done. There are millions of souls to reach for Christ. God has blessed this church with the three angels messages, and also with the financial means to prosper not only itself but others as well. We, as the foot-soldiers of the cross, are on the front-lines daily, battling the forces of the enemy, seeking those lost sheep of the house of Israel. We are more than willing to do the God-ordained work of evangelizing the world through the knowledge found in these books, but apart from partnership with God, we need partnership with you. 

This project is all about a concentrated effort to win souls for Christ. The dynamic is simple: Pacific Press provides the literature, we provide the door-to-door groundwork, and you provide the financial means for God to reach millions of people, and change their lives for eternity. You can help give them hope for a glorious and peaceful future, free from the cares and stresses of the violence, sorrow, and financial poverty. By removing the barrier of financial cost, you can provide their impoverished spirits with the bread of life, and through this they will find the Living Water of Life that is Jesus. 

Our Adventist publishing house, “The Review & Herald,” An establishment that started even before the church existed, recently shut down production of literature because the books simply weren't going out. Most Adventists have a plethora of them, and it was being distributed mostly within its members. But there are countless souls out there who need them too, and it is the duty of the church to see that they receive them and the priceless knowledge of God that they contain, at any cost. These books have changed the lives of millions of people, both Adventist and otherwise, and it is our belief that it is through literature that all the world will receive the Gospel and Christ into their lives.

Each set of The Bible Story is only $299. Most like to donate anywhere from $300-$5,000. There is a great need in our world today. For each set sponsored, we will also include a 5-volume health set from Loma Linda/CHIP. This way, both the spiritual health and the physical health of families will be addressed, forming a complete image of God’s will for healthy, prosperous families. 

The benefits of supporting literature evangelists through this Project are far-reaching. There are four key things you do, to make a difference in our world today:

1) Youth will be grounded in the truth and not leave the church as they grow up

2) Parents will strengthen their walk with God

3) Family health will better and clear peoples minds so they can understand the bible fully

4) Puts less fortunate students back to Adventist education

On top of reaching people for God, you will be fulfilling the end-time mission to spread the Gospel to all nations, tongues, and kindreds. You will be heralding in the reign of Christ. You will not only be changing history, but also helping to establish the eternal change in this dying world that we all long for. And rest assured, out of everything that you’ve ever purchased or contributed towards, this is one thing God will always pay and bless you for.

Your financial contribution is deeply appreciated.

May God bless you for your immeasurable efforts on His behalf.

Thank you.